The Organize Models are diagnostic tools that identify redundancies, complications, or obstacles to completing goals.

  • Cause & Effect Diagrams help you identify and detail the root, contributing, and possible causes of a problem by building a team’s consensus opinion about the reasons for a problem and try to focus on causes rather than personalities or blame. The Cause & Effect Diagram can answer the following questions:
    • Why do our tours end late on weekends?
    • Why do we consistently underestimate the time needed to install traveling exhibits?
    • Why is our staff scheduling process so complicated?
  • Flowchart

    A Flowchart is a pictorial or diagrammatic representation of a specific system or a process. Shapes represent different steps or procedures, and arrows show the steps and procedures interrelate. Flowcharts show if a process is overly complicated or has redundancies. The Flowchart can answer the following questions:
    • How can we streamline our ad creation process?
    • How can we improve our ticket purchase process?
    • What are all the steps in our accessioning process?
  • Tree Diagram

    The Tree Diagram details the objectives and actions needed to complete a goal via specific, real life activities assigned to staff members. The Tree Diagram can answer the following questions:
    • How can we increase attendance?
    • How can we attract a more diverse pool of board candidates?
    • How can we improve our social media presence?