The Plan Models assess impacts and develop solutions to tactical issues.

  • The Force Field Analysis identifies all the positive (driving) and negative (restraining) factors that impact the solutions to problems. If your institution is implementing a significant change that requires considerable staff buy-in, creating a Force Field Analysis in a team meeting offers people the opportunity to share their concerns and receive responses in a constructive manner. The Force Field Analysis can assess the impact of:
    • Adding new tours
    • Changing the exhibition schedule
    • Executing a new fundraising campaign
  • The Risk Mitigation Model assesses the severity and probability of identified risks. The Risk Mitigation Model lists each risk, its warning signs, probability of occurrence, and a topline mitigation plan. Risk Mitigation Models can be used in conjunction with specific projects, strategic plans, or general operational/tactical plans. The Risk Mitigation Model can assess the risk involved with:
    • Switching to a new Point Of Sale system for admission and exhibition ticket purchases
    • Outsourcing the fundraising process
    • Accepting a unique gift
  • Swim Lanes

    Swim Lanes breakout the people and their responsibilities in completing a specific process. Swim Lanes map when each person contributes to the process, including both guests and staff. Swim Lanes can be used to diagram the following processes:
    • Booking a group tour
    • Conducting the museum store inventory
    • Posting a digitized image collection